A New Scholastic Year!

The beginning of a new scholastic year is always an exciting time.  It brings about new challenges and new experiences. This year, we would like to share these experiences with you through this blog.

Every week, a class from every year group will take on the task of bringing highlights from the week’s activities to this blog, in a bid to share our experiences with you. In so doing, our pupils will also experience blogging as a means of communication.

The Internet, and specifically the onset of social media, have drastically changed the world we live in. We are no longer just listen or watch the news, but we also produce our own “news” on social media. This creates challenges for us as educators and at Zabbar B, we take this very seriously. We not only need to deal with the generation gap between teachers from a ‘TV world’ to students in a ‘web world’  but we also need to prepare our students for life as “cyber-citizens”. We want to support our students to process their experiences and then put it out again as “new” stories to others.

We hope you enjoy this new adventure with us!

Charlot Cassar
Head of School