Hoot Hoot! We Are the Owls!

We are the owls in Year 4! This week it was all about getting to know each other. On the first morning we introduced ourselves. We did this by playing a game using toilet paper rolls. Every one cut some squares from the roll, counted them and then told everyone in class that many things about themselves.

We also created name tags. We used card paper, wrote our names and coloured them as we wished. They look very colourful!

During the P.E. lesson we played group games. In these activities we had to work together to achieve the goals set. We had lots of fun!

We also created crafts called, ‘Me on the Map’. First we saw an online story and then created one for ourselves. Finally, we all had to present a friend of ours to the rest of the class.

It is fun that we are all making new friends. We are happy and excited for the year ahead.

Hope you are having a nice year too.

From all of us,

The Owls!