I am Special!

We are the Year 4 Flamingos!

This lesson was about feeling good about ourselves and accepting others.

Our first activity was the “Shoe Challenge”.  Four children took off their shoes and then they put them back on.

The second activity was the “Drinking Challenge”.  Two children pretended that their hands were tied.  They were asked to drink a glass of water.  They couldn’t drink the water, so other children had to help them.

Our third activity was the “Blindfold Challenge”.  A boy was blindfolded and he had to deliver a book to the LSA who was sitting at the back of the classroom.  He used his sense of touch and listened to the children’s instructions to complete this task.

During each activity, we observed and discussed the different ways these tasks were performed and how can we relate them to real life situations.

Then we watched a video called “Different but the same”.

We also sang the song: “What I am” by Sesame Street and Will.i.am. –

At the end of this lesson, we filled the handout: “I am Special”.    We wrote about our wishes, worries, fears, things that make us happy and others.  Then we used the ink pad to print our fingerprints.

We had so much fun during this lesson but the most important thing is that we learned that even if we look different, our hearts are the same and that’s what makes us special.

Year 4 Flamingos