Making Use of Our Senses

This week, our Science topic was ‘The five senses’. We learnt that people and even animals can: hear, smell, see, touch and taste.

As you can see on these worksheets that we worked out in class, we make use of body parts to make use of these senses.


We also learnt that not everybody can make use of all these senses, so we have to appreciate the senses that we have.Along the week, in class, we paid more attention to what senses we are using. We took photographs and recordings of things or actions that we can hear, smell, see, touch and taste.

These are some examples:

While reading a book, we can see the words and pictures on the book.

When talking to a friend we listen to what s/he says and look at him/her.

We can hear noises from outside, like birds chirping, people talking, cars making a lot of noise, the siren of an ambulance, cats meowing or dogs barking.

In class we can hear the fan’s sound. When playing with our ruler on the table we can hear the sound of its vibrations! Even with a flexible ruler we can make sound. While jogging in the gym we can hear the sound of the parquet and the children talking.

We can see and touch objects of different colours.


Different things in our pencil cases have different textures and we know this because we feel them through the sense of touch.


A wooden trolley and a corrugated box have different textures as well.

During break time we taste and smell our food.

When we wipe our hands we can smell the wet wipe.


While singing the ‘Alfabett’ song we can listen to the song and sing along by looking at the words in the video on the screen.


At school we can also hear the bell ringing. It’s time to go! See you next time!

Year 3 Fireflies