Birgufest 2016

On Thursday 6th October all the year 5 classes went on a fieldtrip to Birgu for Birgufest  2016.

First we went to see a short play and the Knights talked about life on the sea. The Knights asked us if we knew how to tie a knot. They showed us how to tie an 8-shaped knot. We also watched another play which was about the Turks. It was then time for a short break and we ate some lunch.

We then walked to the Auberge of England, a small palace where the English Knights lived. Two men told us about the life of these Knights. While we were in the Auberge some musicians which were playing traditional Maltese musical instruments passed by and they stopped to play a folk song for us.

It was then time for us to go to the Inquisitor’s Palace. There we saw the jail cells, the Inquisitor’s bedroom, his work room and the well. Then we went to a Zumba class. There we danced to three songs. We had so much fun!

Year 5 Sharks