Respect for All

Our first day at school started by an activity among our classmates to get to know each other better.  We even learnt what the meaning of respecting others is and got the chance to discuss with our parents.  With their help we searched together on the internet.  The following day, one by one we shared what we had written and by doing so we had the chance to listen more to each other.

Another activity we did was ‘Simon Says’.  This time we had not only the chance to learn about being respectful but also to act upon it.  We learnt to accept each other more, give chance to others to speak, learn from one another and much more.

During the following days we were given a card on which we had to record an act done by one of our classmates during the past days, showing respect towards others.

To help us more, our teacher showed us a video clip about ‘Bullying’.  Afterwards a discussion took place and although we are still young, it made us realise that it is very easy to hurt others’ feelings and it is always important to remember not to do such things to others.

Respect for all – no matter the size, colour, religion, culture, abilities…

Xivane Zammit

Year 4 Robins