This week our class worked on the theme of autumn.

During the weekend we were asked to go for a nature walk with our parents and from there we had to pick up some dry leaves. Later on these leaves were used to make a craft. Some of us made a hedgehog, others made squirrels and others made owls.

We started off the week by watching a video called  ‘Leafy the Leaf that wouldn’t Leave.’  We then read a story about a worried leaf. Both stories talked about leaves which were scared to let go of their trees during autumn.

Later on the week we had the opportunity to write a story about autumn in Maltese. We planned our work, wrote a draft and finally we wrote it neatly on a leaf or pumpkin template so we could decorate our classrooms with them.

We also tried out something new during our English creative writing lesson. We wrote an Acrostic Poem for the first time. First we brainstormed words which had to do with autumn. Then we wrote the letters of the word autumn underneath each other and wrote a phrase for each letter. We made sure that we included rhyming words. Look at the final result of our poem:

All the leaves change colours and fall down
Under the tree, red and brown.
Thunderstorms and light
Umbrellas in the rain and night.
Many sweets to eat,
Nothing takes place the fun of trick-or-treat!

It was quite an interesting week in our class and we look forward to next week’s theme.

Year 4 Swans