A Letter of Complaint

During our Creative Writing lesson, we focused on writing a letter of complaint. Here is a sample:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the bad hotel service I’ve received when I went on my holiday to Zurich, in Switzerland.

Due to the fact that my flight was delayed by two and a half hours, when I arrived at the hotel, the room I booked was taken by someone else with the same surname. But it didn’t end there, as the replacement room I got was much smaller and it was very filthy. To say the truth, I did not expect this kind of service, as online, your hotel was rated four stars. Moreover, the food was disgusting, the kind that would make you vomit. Furthermore, when I went, or should I say, TRIED to sleep, I could not. The mattress was as stiff as an oak wood plank!

Because of this terrible experience of a holiday, I would like a full refund of €623. You made my holiday miserable, you know! I hope things will be better next year!

Yours faithfully
Keane Peter Mizzi

After writing our letters of complaint we evaluated our own work through the traffic light technique. Each student had 3 cards – red, orange and green. Red meant that the work needed improvement. Orange meant that the work was half way there while green meant that the work was fine. We then helped each other to bring all the work up to scratch.

We also had the opportunity to provide feedback on the lesson. Here are some samples from the feedback:

We had fun during this creative writing lesson because we learned how to write a letter of complaint. Another reason why we enjoyed ourselves is because during the Traffic Lights activity we had the opportunity to look back at our own work and also to check and help out our friends. We learned to be honest about our own work. This activity helped us to improve our grammar. Overall, it was a very fun activity and we feel it will help us when we write other creative writing pieces in future.

Keane Mizzi, Tatyana Mazzelli and Kaydon Bondin

It was fun and we thought it was a very good activity. We had to show up cards (red, orange or green) to express how we felt about our work. We wish to use again the Traffic Lights system. Mr Inguanez helped us during this activity and explained clearly the steps we had to do.

Martina Magro, Amber Pace and Lauren Galea

This activity was great. We learned a lot from it. We started by writing a letter of complaint. Then we did the Traffic Lights activity. We voted truthfully about our work by showing green, orange or red. Then those who had a red or orange card were helped out by someone that had green. We discussed how our work could be improved.

Ibrahim Samah and Rosanne Sciberras

Here are some photos from our fun lesson.

Year 6 Lions