Money Matters

Our Day at the Home Economics Centre in B’Kara

On Thursday, 10th November, 2016, we visited the Home Economics Centre.  There we met Ms Sonia Muscat who greeted us and took us to a special class.

First, we learnt how people bought things before there was money.  They used to trade animals, feathers, salt and wheat for the objects they wanted.

The first money was cowry shells. Then there were metal coins with a hole in the middle.  In this way, they could carry them in a necklace round their neck.

Then, we learnt how to spend our money wisely.  We learnt that we have needs and wants.  Needs are more important than wants.

We learnt that before we buy something, we have to check if we need it or not.  We need to go to different shops before we buy something.

We learnt how to plan a good budget so that we can pay bills and loans and have some money to save.

Before we left, we played a game called ‘Minions on the Hunt’.  We played this game in a special room which looked like an HSBC bank.  We had to choose a section which offers different services and give us help to answer the game questions.  At the end of the game, we were given an HSBC pen.

We enjoyed ourselves and we also learnt a lot from this experience.

Year 6 Cheetahs