Class Meetings

Every Friday we hold a class meeting.   There are five issues which we discuss during the class meeting:

  • We always start our meeting by praising each other. This week we had to choose one of our friends and write a Happygram to him or her.  During this activity we had to write a positive comment to our friend.  Everyone was happy to receive a Happygram.
  • Then we discuss ways in which we can improve the following week. Sometimes we discuss ways to help others when they don’t follow the rules.
  • Then the teacher asks us whether we have some problems which we would like to share so that our friends can help us solve them. If there is someone who would like to talk, we listen and then give our ideas to help our friends solve their problems.
  • The teacher assigns classroom jobs on a rotating system. So during the meeting the teacher assigns our new job for the following week.
  • We end up our class meeting by discussing future plans, such as outings and upcoming events.

We always look forward to these weekly class meetings.

Year 6 Jaguars