Maths is Fun!

Our Mathematics topic this week was length. We had lots of different activities in class.

In one particular activity, we had to measure our tables using straws or blocks instead of a ruler.

We also learned what the term ‘estimate’ means and the teacher asked us to estimate the length of different objects that can be found in our classroom.

We also worked in stations, something that we have never done before!

Each group was given different tasks. Then, we switched from one group to another so as to participate in all the tasks.

Group 1 was asked to measure Pinocchio’s nose. We had different lengths and we were asked to measure each nose.

Group 2 was asked to measure different objects that can be found in everyday life such as a UHU stick or a pencil.

Group 3 was asked to use the playdough and create playdough snakes that are ‘longer’ or ‘shorter’ than the ones we were provided with.

Group 4 was asked to use the playdough to create different shapes, letters or flowers that are either longer or shorter than the ones on the paper. We all loved to create shorter antennae for the ladybird or the alien.

Now we are going to measure different objects at home too!

Year 3 Bees