My Pet’s ID Card

Very often during lessons we talk about love and respect towards animals. We meet this theme in most lessons, starting from language lessons to religion lessons. We have become aware that animals are as individual as we people are. Each one has a difference appearance, character and behaviour. Some weeks ago we worked on the importance of identity cards and how no two are alike. Each one is different. So one day our teacher told us that, as we people carry an identity card which is unique for each and every one, so do pets, no two pets are the same.

First we spoke about our pet to the class and we realised that we kept different types of animals as pets, such as dogs, birds, rabbits, tortoise, cats, donkey, horse…..

Then we spoke about how a pet’s ID card would be different from that of a person’s. We got very excited and we made a list of the information that should be found on the ID. Then we all set off to write the ID of our pet.

The work we did was read to the class. We had a few laughs and we enjoyed it very much.

Year 4 Eagles