Bank-ing Kids

Last Friday we went on our second school outing to the Home Economics Centre.  It was a very educational excursion as we had sessions about money – the history of money, budgeting and banking.  We really liked the last session as we had the opportunity to learn about the different services offered by a bank.

We were introduced to different stations:

  1. The Customer Care
  2. The ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  3. The Information Section
  4. The Cashier
  5. The Personal Banker

We were then divided into groups and played a game  – From which bank station do I get this service?

After the game we realised that many times is easier to use the ATM than to enter the bank and face the queue of customers and waste time. We can withdraw money, check our money balance and deposit cheques at the ATM.

Year 6 Panthers