In class we talked about Autumn. We learnt that during this season leaves fall down from many trees. This happens because they are dry and also because the wind blows them off the trees.

Our class teacher told us to collect leaves, twigs and small stones which we find on the ground. There were some of us who picked these up from their garden, others from public gardens and others from their fields.

During the Friday Special lesson, the teacher grouped us in small groups and told us that we were going to work together to create a picture using our nature items, and our imagination!

First, we had to see what items we had, discuss together and plan out what picture we were going to create. We had to decide on which items to use to create things in the picture, like a tree, a giraffe, the sun, eyes, etc. We all shared our ideas together.

After we decided on a picture, we started placing the items on the paper to get an idea of how it was going to look like. Some of us changed our first plan or added more things to the picture.

Finally, we glued the items on the paper using white glue.

Some of the items were a bit hard to stick, but patiently and through teamwork and creativity we all managed to create beautiful pictures, as you can see below!

Year 3 Fireflies