Fact or Fib

During our critical thinking session, we talked about the difference between fact and fib.

We had a handout and we wrote on it a fact or a fib about what we did last summer.

Then we sat in a circle.  We had to think and decide whether the statement written by each student was a fact or a fib.

We had two cards, one was green and the other one was red.  We had to hold up the green card if we thought it was a fact and the red card if we thought it was a fib.  Then the child who wrote the statement had to clarify or verify the statement.

We had lots of fun during this activity, especially when we managed to guess whether it was a fact or a fib.

At the end of this lesson, we watched the video called, “Lying up a Storm”.

The story was about a boy who used to lie a lot.   One day his mother explained to him that telling lies will damage the trust of his friends and make him very sad.  From this story we learned that if we say the truth, everyone will trust us.

Year 4 Flamingos