Poetry, Art and a Pinch of Science

In our class, we had and English speaking lesson where we talked about fantasy creatures. We mentioned dragons, flying horses, the phoenix bird and a pokemon.

We described the pictures and talked about where the thought these fantasy cretures lived and what they did.

After this, we read a poem called: ‘The Bitaba bird’. This is a poem by Carol Moore about a bird that is not real. The poem tells us what the bird likes to do, how it looks and from which rock it hatches.

We discussed the new words in the poem and then put pictures of the poem in a sequence.

In the poem we read that the Bitaba bird hatches from geodes. Geodes are real rocks and we read some scientific information about them.

Then we wrote some information about the Bitaba bird on the withboard.

Finally we made our own bird using paper, colours and glitters.

Year 3 Butterflies