Esplora Science Centre

On Wednesday 14th December we went to the Esplora Science Centre in Kalkara.

As soon as we got there we were asked to leave our bags in a room so that we could go around without having to carry them with us.

The place was enormous! The first section we visited was motion, which involved things which move. We went round to experiment and try out the different activities.

We then moved on to other sections. One activity included standing in front of an Infrared Heat Camera and seeing our own image on a screen! The different colours in our image reflected the different body temperatures. We had so much fun exploring and trying out different things! We learned about things like the human body, optics, how things move, personal hygiene and how we can stay healthy.

When it was lunch time we went outside to eat. We saw magnificent views of the sea!

After the break we went to see a bubble show called Beautiful Bubbles. The lady showed us what bubbles are made of and how they are formed. It was very interesting to learn how bubbles always have the shape of a sphere!

The best part of the show was when the lady invited some of us on stage so that we could see what it is like to be inside a big human bubble!

It was such a fantastic day, we will surely remember this outing!

Year 4 Hummingbirds