A Letter to Santa Claus

In preparation for Christmas we wrote a letter to Santa Claus during our English lesson. We first saw a video “Santa Claus is coming to town” where we saw lots of Christmas traditions. We discussed about what information we need to write a letter. We came up with a list of words which we might use in our letter – we call this a “word bank”. We saw two examples of letters to Santa so that we could draw up our plan.

We started by writing our address on the right.  We wrote “Dear Santa” and  started writing the letter. We finished our letter with a nice message to santa. At the end we wrote a short note to let Santa know that we will be leaving some cookies and milk for him and some carrots for his reindeer.

Finally we folded the letter and we put it in an envelope. We wrote Santa’s address on the front and we stuck on the stamp. We had so much fun posting our letters in the letterbox which we had in our class!

Year 5 Sharks