Learning Maths Through Games and Hands-on Activities

Mathematics may not always be easy but using games and hands-on activities, Maths has become one of our favourite subjects.

During the last couple of weeks we were learning Multiplication and Division.  Both topics are related and we had to remember the Multiplication tables as well.

Learning the Multiplication tables is not an easy task, but our teacher used games to make learning the tables more appealing.

The first game was called Race to the top.  Four players had to race to the top by answering a simple multiplication sum.  The first player to reach the top wins the game.  When we mastered long multiplication, we had another game which was in the form of a quiz.  We were grouped in groups of three and we had to choose the right answer.  We took it in turns to work out the long multiplication sums. While one of us was working the given sum, the other two members of the group kept an eye on the method used to work out the sum.

Another activity was drawing the picture according to the answer we got after multiplying two numbers.

The concept of division and sharing was explained by placing seeds into an egg carton.  When we mastered this concept, we had an activity where we had to place the right answer on the given word problem.  We also played division games on the Interactive Board.

Before the Christmas Holidays our teacher introduced Perimeter and Area.  An activity which we enjoyed doing was drawing the initial letter of our name on a squared paper and then we had to find its perimeter and area.

And just to clarify… We don’t do “fun” math activities all the time.  But we do enjoy these activities because they involve group work, thinking skills and problem solving strategies.

Year 6 Jaguars