New Year, New Goals!

A new year is a perfect time to start a fresh page, try new things and end bad habits. Last week we had a class discussion about resolutions.  We started mentioning things we enjoyed doing in school last year, most of us mentioned crafts, cooking and the Christmas concert. We also discussed what things we would like to do again in our lives and there were some interesting answers such as doing the concert once again, go abroad, go to Disneyland and visit farm animals. We also talked about bad habits which we want to stop doing, the most common was to stop fighting with siblings and disobeying parents. We also discussed what do we want to learn some of us said that they want to learn more Maths, Maltese and English, some others said that they want to learn how to dive, ride a horse,  start a car or a van, skate, cook and use the ATM. Finally we brainstormed goals that can be achieved if we try our best. We had some great goals like eat less candy, write properly, study more and obey parents and we made these super cute faces!

Year 3 Dragonflies