Owls Debating!

This week we debated on three topics. We separated the classroom into three categories – Agree, Not Sure and Disagree. Our teacher showed us a debatable statement at a time and we walked towards the headings ‘Agree’, ‘Not Sure’ and ‘Disagree’ depending on our opinion. Then different students recorded us giving our reasons.

First we debated about homework. Should homework be banned from school? Some of us argued that if we are not given any homework we will have more time to study, read, play and do other activities that we like. But others pointed out that we are given homework to learn, remember and practise what we would have learned at school.

Then we debated about summer holidays. Should summer holidays be shorter? Some of us think that it would be better to have shorter summer holidays because we would spend more time at school and therefore learn more and grow into better children. However, this means that we would have less time to play, swim, enjoy summer and spend time with our families. We enjoy ourselves at school but we also like the summer holidays, so it was a tough call!

The last debate was related to televisions and books. Are televisions better than books? Some of us think that televisions are better because they are more fun. Some of us were unsure and thought that we can learn from both of them and the rest thought that books are better, because they can help us to learn more, generate more ideas and do not harm our vision.

Although it was difficult for all of us to agree with how we feel about different topics, it was fun to hear other children’s opinions and at times these made us rethink our own.

Year 4 Owls