Bar Graphs

During our Mathematics Lesson, we learned how to solve a given problem by organising and interpreting numerical data in simple graphs.  We also discussed and explained results.

Our first activity was a game on the interactive whiteboard. We were presented with different bar graphs where we had to interpret the data.

Next we drew our own bar graph on our copybooks.  The bar graph was about our favourite pets.

Then we worked in pairs.  We used our LearnPad (tablet) for this activity.  We were presented with different CONCEPT CARTOONS about bar graphs.  We had to find out which statement or statements were correct.  We used the LearnPad to write down our answers.

At the end of this lesson, we discussed our answers and we gave a reason for our choice.

We were very excited during this lesson, especially when we used our LearnPad.

Year 4 Flamingos