Noun Fun

Last week, during the English lesson, we learned about nouns. Nouns are: objects, persons, animals and places. These can be ‘common’ or ‘proper’ nouns.


The teacher divided us in small groups and she gave us a paper and some cards with ‘common nouns’ written on them, for example a dog, a shop, a priest and a soft toy. We drew a picture with these nouns and coloured it in. Then, we thought about names we can give to these nouns to make them ‘proper nouns’, for example: dog – Simba, shop – Candyshop, priest – Fr Alex, soft toy – Olaf. We had to think of a story, as a group, using all the characters.

When we were done, each group had a turn to talk about their picture. We had to listen to each other. After we talked about our picture, the other children asked us questions about the characters, for example, “Can Simba run?”, “Do they sell lollipops in Candyshop?”, “Does Fr Alex like animals?”, “What can Olaf do?”, and we answered them.

Through this lesson we learned more common and proper nouns, we learned that we can create a story by using nouns, we give names to common nouns to make them proper nouns, we learned better to work as a group and share our ideas and also to listen to each other.

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