Robins using Tablets

Yes that’s right… we Robins of class 4.3 finally have our LearnPads in hand.  What an exciting week it has been!

Our teacher pushed lessons and topics onto our tablets.  We learnt how to view them and then at home we could revise all that we had done at school.  We viewed power points, videos and played interactive educational games.

At times our teacher sent us messages which we were not expecting at all.  We loved these messages and had fun reading them to each other.

Aurazma is a real fun application.  After reading a story from Senduq Buffuri we used this app and focused the tablet’s camera on the characters.  The characters came to life and started talking! We used our headphones so that we don’t get interrupted by our friend’s characters!

Oxford Owl is another site that we learnt how to use.  We had to choose the right age and what type of book we wished to read.  We had a lot of books to choose from. We used this site also during guided reading.

The school blog is really easier now to view.  With just a single click we are right there and can see what we and the other classes have been blogging about.

We learnt how to use ‘ilearn’. A click on its icon and we can view our diary, lessons and also send stickeys to each other.  We really wish we can be able to use the RLOs since right now they’re not accessible on our tablets.

Another app that we used was Workspace.  It’s a sort of a mini whiteboard but with much more utilities.  We used it to add up our monthly tokens and to write down data for plotting a graph.

Answergarden is really good for brainstorming.  Our teacher presented us with a phrase and each one of us had to write the first word that came in mind.  After submitting our answers these were all visible on the Interactive Whiteboard and we could read what our friends had wrote down.

We were so keen to use the camera! After the teacher enabled it, we were given a task.  In pairs we had to choose and then decide our favourite spot at school.  After discussing the various places all pairs chose, we went to that specific place with our tablets and using the camera we gave it our best shot.  Back in class we learnt how to send these photos via class cloud and then we could all see each other’s photos on the I.W.B.

We’re looking forward to keep on exploring our tablets.  It’s such a fun and cool way to keep on learning.

Year 4 Robins