Show and Tell

Every Thursday we dedicate some time to present something that we like. We call this ‘Show and Tell’.

All of the presentations were very creative! These are a few of the ones that we really enjoyed!

Our classroom chef Elise, made a delicious Guacamole dip! First she showed us the ingredients on the board, and then she took out the ingredients and she started cooking!

She put nachos around the plate and some sour cream. We finally got to taste it and all of us liked it!

Declan also showed us some old Maltese currency! They were very different and we really liked them. The Maltese pound had the national bird of Malta.

Kayden showed us his football trophies. Most of all we really liked the football that had all the Manchester United’s signatures on it! He told us that his favourite signature is Rooney’s.

Laidon showed us a picture of when he caught a huge swordfish that weight 5kg! He also showed us were he goes fishing! We also saw the tools that he used to catch the fish.

Jeanelle spoke about the Malta Girl Guides. She spoke to us about badges. She earned them by doing good deeds. She also showed us and said her Girl Guide promise. In the end she showed us her uniform and scarf! It was awesome and full of badges!

Year 5 Lobsters