Make a Creature

During a critical thinking lesson we were divided into 4 groups and each group had to choose two letters of the alphabet. Then we cut a pile of these letters from old magazines, pamphlets and newspapers. We put these letters together to make a creature. This creature could either be real or imaginary. When we liked the way that they looked we glued them on an A3 paper. When we were ready we gave this creature a name and then wrote sentences to describe its physical appearance, its habitat, its food habits and its super powers. As the final product was ready we took a photo with our tablets and sent it on the class cloud. Finally all the groups presented their work to the rest of the class. Below is a list of the letters that we chose and what we created:

Group 1: We used the letters MA to create the Madog, a scary dog.

Group 2: We used the letters DB to create the Robo Ant, BD (Bomb Destruction) Edition, a robot which fires bombs

Group3: We used the letters MN to create MaNdy, a cat princess.

Group 4: We used the letters ES to create FirEStone, a terrifying dragon.

Year 4 Swans