Għadira Nature Reserve

Last week we had the opportunity to spend some time in the heart of nature, at the beautiful Għadira Nature Reserve.

Sometimes with our busy lives, we forget how peaceful nature’s sounds are. So, we started our visit by measuring the sound level before entering into the reserve. The street’s noises were surely effecting our results and the sound was quite high. As we tried the sound level meter in different parts of the nature reserve, the sound decreased as we moved further away from the main road. We learned that these noises can all harm and be dangerous on nature.

In the nature reserve we discovered more about the different animals and plants which live there and understood more about the food chain and how these creatures manage to survive. We learned that all living things; feed, grow, move, feel, and have their young. In fact we saw evidence of this at Għadira; rabbit holes, birds’ nests, trees shedding and growing leaves, while ducks and chameleons were sunbathing, showing signs of life.

One could not leave out the spectacular view of the Red Tower (Saint Agatha’s Tower) which is a perfect background for the Nature Reserve. What a day!! Sunny in mid-January… we couldn’t ask for more!

Year 6 Tigers