Science Everywhere!

During our Science lessons in the past few days we learned more about gravity and air resistance. We learned that objects appear to fall at different rates not because they have different weights, but because of air resistance. Apart from getting to know a bit about the theories we also were given a challenge to: Build a better parachute.

We were given different materials like balloons, plastic bags, papers and a toy figure which had to land safely on the ground. By trial and error we tested which material we thought was best to fit its purpose. Creativity was at its best…one of our teams even created a parachute with both the plastic bag and the balloon! Then it was testing time! We let the parachutes fall and measured the time it took to land, drawing the conclusion that the longer the time and the bigger it was, the better the parachute. So make sure that the next time you go sky diving you’ve got the biggest parachute!

Year 6 Tigers