Maths during PE!

During a PE lesson we were divided into six groups and each group had two sets of cards. In one set we had different math questions and in the other set we had the answers.  The question cards were placed in a pile by our starting cone, while the answer cards were scattered in a hoop a few metres away. When the teacher shouted go, we had to pick up a question card from beside the cone, run as fast as we can to the hoop and try to find the answer to the question as quickly as possible! If we had a difficulty finding the answer we ran back to our team mates for help. After finding the answer, we had to run back and place the question card and the answer card in the hoop next to our team. We took turns doing this until all the questions were answered. The first team to find all the answers won the game!

It was so much fun doing Maths during our PE lesson! We hope we will get to play it again. We will never forget this lesson!

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