Last Wednesday in class we researched and discussed our ocean. We were talking about how we can save and help the ocean because we found out that it is being polluted and not taken care of.

Our teacher divided us into four groups. On our class e-mail, the teacher sent us different websites were we could find information about the ocean.

Here are some of the websites we used, you should check them out!

Our task was to think of how we could help the ocean or tell other people about it.

One of our groups invented a song about the ocean. It was very funny! Another group made a poem about how we can help the ocean telling people to stop throwing trash in the ocean or leaving it on the sand. The other group found some information from the internet. They even found some videos, some sides and even some pictures too.

We decided that we are going to make a song and a music video to show how we can save the ocean and the creatures that live in the ocean too. We also had a laugh while we were writing the lyrics!

Some people around the world are volunteering to clean the ocean from under the sea.  People are throwing trash like plastic bags and some fish are eating it and they are dying. It is very dangerous for the fish, so we asked our teacher if we could organise a clean-up that would help reduce trash!

This was a very interesting lesson. We wish we could do it again so that more people would know about this!

Year 5 Lobsters