Show and Tell

Throughout the month of November we had the Show and Tell in class. The topic of the Show and Tell was ‘My Hobby’. All of us in Year 5 Whales had to carry out a short presentation about our hobby. We were very excited to see everyone’s presentation and we waited eagerly for the Show and Tell lesson.

The presentation was 10 minutes long and afterwards, our classmates were allowed to ask us any questions. We were expected to do the presentation in English. We were very curious to see what our friends had to present. Some of us were on the edge of our seats and were very excited to ask curious questions to our friends.

We had a variety of hobbies. Four of our friends love to cook. Three of them actually brought us food to taste as part of their presentation. We loved tasting their home-made healthy cookies made by Jayden, coconut balls made by Toyah and Mariah’s Oreo balls. It was a sweet day indeed. Michela told us that she had her own baking supplies at home and one of her hobbies is baking cakes, amongst others. She also loves playing with her bunny, Mercury. Maia loves to sing and she sang a song for us in class. She sang the ‘You’re the voice’ by Heart. Myra showed us some of her impressive gymnastics skills. She also told us that she learns everything on her own! Amy played some impressive songs with her guitar. She explained how she has different kinds of guitars and that she wanted to bring her new guitar to school to show it to her friends. We also had some sportive students in class. Pearl Marie showed us her volleyball gear, her medals and she also taught us some moves which they do in volleyball practice. Luke showed us his football gear. He also showed us some football moves and he also showed us his medals and trophies. Nedvith told us how much he loves football. Although he started training one year ago, he would love to keep playing football for the rest of his life. Nedvith and Luke support Juventus. Pearl, Nedvith and Luke are very fond of their training sessions. Jamie is part of a very interesting group. He trains bowling every Saturday morning. We were amazed to learn that there are different sizes and colours to the bowling balls. He also has a trophy for participating in the Christmas tournament. Karl, Axelkees and Conner brought their sticker and card albums and showed to them to the class. They collect a lot of stickers and cards. In fact Axelkees, Karl and Conner have collected all of the cards in the album. Radnes and Aimee love to draw. They showed us some of their pictures that they drew in their free time. Aimee goes to Art lessons. They both said that they feel very relaxed and happy when they draw. Aaliyah brought her dance costume of a lioness. She danced the song of the Lion King and knew all the routine by heart. That was very nice to watch. Last but not least, Andrei brought along his bus collection, amongst other toys. He explained how he is fascinated by buses. He loves their colour, their size and the sound they make when they work. Andrei loves double-decker buses and he would love to ride one of them.

All of the presentations were fascinating to watch and we have learned something new about all of our friends. We cannot wait for the next Show and Tell!

Year 5 Whales