Marshmallows and Spaghetti

As part of the creative thinking lesson on Friday, we carried out a teamwork activity.

We were split up in groups of 4. The teacher explained the activity. We had to build a tower using marshmallows and spaghetti! Each group had to follow some instructions as well:

  1. Build the tallest, free-standing tower
  2. Do not use any other materials

At first we were joking about eating all the marshmallows! The teacher told us that we had 20 minutes to start and finish the activity.

First we began to discuss how we were going to build the tower. Not everyone was agreeing with the ideas and suggestions. However, after a couple of minutes we agreed with one idea.

We started to build the tower. Everyone in the group was given a job. Some of us had to cut the spaghetti in half because they were too long. Some of us were sticking the marshmallows to the end of the spaghetti. Others were looking out for the time. Not everyone’s tower was firm and steady. Some of us tried to cheat to see how other groups were doing the tower. By the end of the activity it felt like a competition, so our team had to work together to get the tallest and strongest tower.

When the time was up, the teacher came to measure and take photos of our towers. Three of the towers were steady for more than 6 seconds. The other one couldn’t hold without support.

The teacher asked us what we have learned from this activity. Some of the ideas were:

  • To work successfully in groups
  • To communicate amongst each other
  • To listen to each other
  • To take decisions together

We really enjoyed this activity, especially the last part, when we were allowed to each the marshmallows!

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