Alien Planet

This week’s ‘Thinking Is Fun’ lesson was to create an imaginary alien planet and its inhabitants.

With our thinking caps on we discussed what it would be like if we were to land on this planet.  We had to think about various categories such as:

  • what a family of aliens, animals and vegetation might look like
  • a name for the language these aliens speak and what it looks like when it is written down
  • what their money, house and street might look like
  • what kind of jobs aliens can have
  • what lessons young aliens might have at school
  • how the aliens travel around and what do they do for fun.

We were then divided into groups and had to create our own alien planet.  We shared our ideas in the group we were in and had to agree on one idea for every category.   We then voted for that alien planet we liked best.  Finally imagining we were on that planet we wrote a postcard to send back to planet earth telling our friends or relatives about our visit on this alien planet.

Year 4 Robins