Working Together is the Key!

During our P.E lesson the teacher told us thatwe were not going to play games where some of us would win and some of us would lose. On the other hand we were going to take part in four games where we had to work collaboratively to accomplish the goals of the games.

For our first game we had to organize ourselves into a line, tallest first, however we could not speak! This was quite a challenge for us but we realised that we could still communicate by using our gestures. There were two of us who took the role of leaders and started organising the line and helping those who felt lost.

The second game was our favourite! We all stood in a circle, holding hands. The teacher threw a balloon in the circle and our goal was to see how many times we could tap the balloon in the air, without letting it fall and without letting go of our hands. We realised that we must all move together so as to make sure that the balloon does not fall. Our best record was tapping it twenty-two times!

Then we played Human Knots, which was quite challenging. We had to hold hands, form a circle and twist ourselves together so as to form a huge knot. Three of us had to go in a place where they couldn’t see and when we were ready they had to come and untangle us. This was not an easy job as we had to balance our weight while sometimes sitting down or standing up without letting go of our hands. Those who had the job of untying us had to work together to solve this problem and although it took them quite some time, they finally managed!

Finally we played the last game which was called All Aboard. The teacher twisted a large rope in a large hoop where all of us could fit in. Once we did this, the teacher made the loop smaller and we had to find a way to fit in. We soon realised that although we might not all fit in using our legs we could just put one leg or one arm. The teacher kept reducing the size of the loop and we had to come up with different solutions in order to fit in. We continued on doing this until we could only put just one finger!

During these games we had to take quick decisions, come up with solutions and work together. However the best part was that we had lots of fun and laughed a lot as well. It is nice working together!

Year 4 Swans