As part of our thinking lesson on Friday, we carried out an activity to help us understand how important communication is.

We were split into pairs. The teacher explained the activity. We had to find a space in the class and sit back to back, one of us had a paper and a pencil, the other had a drawing on a piece of paper. The person with the drawing was going to give directions and the other was going to try and draw according to what the person was saying. The teacher told us that we could not look at each other!

We did this activity twice.

The first time we were told that the person drawing was not allowed to speak to the person giving the directions.

The second time the person drawing was allowed to speak and ask questions to the person who was giving directions.

After we finished the activity we were very curious to compare our drawings. We noticed that in the second activity, when we could talk to each other, we did much better!

The teacher then asked us some questions to see what we have learned from this activity. Some points which were mentioned:

  • It is important to speak clearly when giving directions.
  • To communicate well, both of us needed to speak to each other.
  • We need to listen to each other and not speak together at once.
  • Communication is a lot easier when we are looking at each other.

We really had fun doing this activity, especially when we turned around to see if we managed to draw the picture!

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