Protecting Dolphins

Our Creative Writing Lesson was about writing a slogan to protect the dolphins.

As a preparation for this lesson, we had to carry out some research about dolphins on our LearnPads.  The teacher provided us with some suitable websites, from where we acquired very useful information.

From our research, we found out that some dolphin species are facing threats of extinction, usually as a result of bad human behaviour, such as: hunting, pollution and tuna fishing.

Here are some websites we used. You can check them out too!

Dolphin Conservation

Dolphins Research and Conservation

Fun Dolphin Facts

Dolphins World

For the next task, we worked in pairs.  We used the application WorkSpace on our LearnPads for this activity.  We had to design and write a slogan. We used the snapshot to capture dolphins’ pictures. Then we wrote the slogan and used different features to make our slogan more colourful and attractive.

You can check out our slogans by clicking on this link:

Our Slogans to Protect the Dolphins

We were very excited during this lesson because we love dolphins as they are very intelligent and friendly mammals.

Year 4 Flamingos!