Switching Roles

During the past weeks we have been given a unique learning experience… that of being little teachers ourselves.  Every week one of us was to prepare a topic of his own choice and imagine himself being a teacher delivering the lesson.  Our teacher was to sit back and go back to being a student herself.

  • Jordan Borg taught us about 3d shapes. Using a power point he talked about every single shape, stopping every now and then to ask us questions.  He also prepared a quiz for us.  That was fun!
  • Jerome Scicluna decided that we all need to know more about starting the day with a healthy breakfast. We learnt how to make smoothies and had the opportunity to take snapshots with our tablets of the ingredients needed.
  • Xivane Zammit chose the Human Body. We never knew that our body was made up of so many different bones.  We asked her several questions because we really wanted to know more.  She asked us to do some research at home.
  • Francesco Calabrese thought that countries and their capital cities is an interesting subject. And he was right! We were happy to know more about his place of birth (Italy) and more about Malta. Finally he gave us some multiple choice questions which we all loved to answer.
  • Anthea Grech decided that she wanted to teach us about Alaska, its inhabitants, the animals that live there, the weather and all that has to do with it. What a beautiful place! We all agreed that one day we have to visit this place.
  • Svetlana Ibrahim sang a song in Arabic and also showed us the music video. It was about Egypt, her father’s place of birth.  It was our first time we heard something of the sort!

We are all so excited for our turn for now we can understand better what being a teacher means and on the other hand our teacher understands more the lives of us students in class.

Year 4 Robins