Our Islands

Recently we carried out an interesting activity in class. Our teacher told us to imagine ourselves stranded on an inhibited island. The activity was to imagine how we would make our island work. What we would build on our island, who would be in charge, how would we communicate, etc. We were split up in teams of three and four. The aim of this activity was to determine the advantages and disadvantages of different islands and to create the ideal island; to ask questions to other groups to help them determine if their island is the ideal one or not.

We first started planning how we wanted our island to look like. We gave it a name and started drawing. Our six island we called:  Nutella Island (because everything on our island was made of Nutella, chocolate and candy), Salgreca Magic Island (our island was magical and it was named after the teams’ surnames), Sweet Island (we had a lot of different kinds of sweets on our island. We also had houses made of sweets), Emtoyjam Island (our island was names after our own names and it had some strange things on it) and Il-Gżira l-Mitlufa (our island was very simple and serene).

When we finished drawing our island, it was time to present it to our friends.

Sweet River Island had a chocolate river, houses made of sweets, hidden treasures and cotton candy trees. We decided to rule this island together and if someone broke anyone of these rules, he/ she would be sent to candy prison for a week. We can only eat sweets and can only eat sweets and candy. We would accept people to come and live on our island but ask them to follow the rules and take good care of our island.

Emtoyjam Island had a Japanese/British flag, a president who lives on the island, strange animals, a statue of a ‘god’, a traditional dance, mud houses and the people speak English and Latin. We decided to rule this island together and if someone broke anyone of these rules, he/ she would be forbidden to live on the island. Everyone was allowed to live on the island as long as they learn the traditional dance. Preference was given to people who looked different from what is normal, like people who had pink, blue, green and yellow skin colour.

Il-Gżira l-Mitlufa had a big rock which covered our bedrooms, a waterfall, a hidden treasure behind the waterfall, a national flag, a wood for making fire, coconut trees, no animals, rules, no God. Our island was very serene and quiet. We do not want anyone to visit our island because we want to keep it quiet and tourists make a lot of noise. We do not want to be saved from our island. We only eat coconut because we do not want to harm the animals.

Zabgukal Island had mud houses, a mountain, catacombs, bamboo trees, a lot of birds and other animals, sun and some snow. We had very strict rules. People were allowed to visit the island for a day or two. If they wanted to stay for more, they had to pay a lot of money! No one was allowed to touch anything because this was our island and we loved it!

Nutella Island has lollipops for trees, cotton candy bushes, a Nutella river, gingerbread houses and chocolate fountains. We speak only French and we believe in Jesus. We had very strict rules for people who wanted to visit our island. First of all, no tourists can eat any of our chocolate or candy. Except for National days which we had on certain days. No one was allowed to stay for a long time, only for holidays. People who broke the rules where throwing into the sea. We love our island and we do not want to be saved.

Salgreca Island has no particular language, an owl for a god and magical trees. No one was allowed to speak loudly on the island. The only place where people could talk was in a small room where all the languages can be translated in order to be understood. We do not allow people to visit our island because it is strictly “Our Island” and we do not want anyone to harm it. We have a magic bus which gets big or small depending on the situation. We wear simple clothes. For every flower which is picked up, another ten grow up. The same goes for trees. We get our food from the magical trees.

Then, we put all of the charts on the floor and the teacher asked us to choose which island was our favourite (except for ours). We had a couple of minutes to decide.

We choose Sweet River Island because:

  • We all love sweets and chocolate.
  • They allow people to visit.
  • The people who own it are very friendly.
  • We have a lot of things to do on this island.
  • We can have a house for everyone.

We’ll see you on Sweet River Island!!!

Year 5 Whales