Our Ocean – Clean up

Our class is very worried about ocean pollution! We have been researching and thinking of ways to help our ocean. Many people dirty the ocean and a lot of animals are dying because of the plastic and all the waste that ends up in our ocean!

We decided to write an email to Y4TE and asked them to help us clean a part of our beautiful island!

So on 30 April all the children in our class met at Marsaxlokk beach! Our teacher and all our parents joined too!

It was a perfect day for a clean-up! The sun was shining and we got to work early in the morning! First, we wore protection gloves to keep our hands safe. Then, we made sure that we know where the waste has to go! We put the dirty waste into black garbage bags and the waste that could be recycled into the green bags.

All of us started picking up all the waste we found! Pieces of plastic, plastic cutlery, tissues, cigarette buds, plastic cups and bottles and much more! We were so astonished to find a huge piece of plastic that washed up onto the shore! It took us so much time to remove it, because it was well stuck under the sand! But we were so happy when we pulled it out! We also had a net to pick up the dirt from the sea, and we had a lot to pick up!

In the end, we managed to collect ten garbage bags full of waste! We were so happy that the waste we picked up would not end up in our sea!

So everyone please help us make a change. IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!

Keep in touch as our song and video ‘Save #OUROCEAN’ will be out soon!

Year 5 Lobsters