Week Ending

We would like to share with you a fun activity which we do every Friday afternoon. This activity is called Compliment Circles and it is one of our favourite activities!

In this activity, each and every one of us has the chance to give a compliment to another classmate. We also get the chance to receive a compliment!

To start a compliment circle, everyone, including our teacher, sits in a circle with their legs stretched out. The teacher gives one of us a beach ball. That person picks a classmate, throws the ball to them, says their name nice and loud so everyone can hear and then gives them a compliment. The friend who receives the compliment says “Thank you”, pulls their legs in and sits with his or her legs in a criss-cross. This way we can tell who still needs to receive a compliment. After that, we continue until all of us have given and received a compliment.

Before we started doing this activity, we talked a lot about what a compliment is and how important it is to be honest!

The teacher also put up two posters in our classroom to help us: one has some rules we must follow, the other helps us to give good compliments to our friends!

We always feel very good after our compliment circles! Today is Friday and we can’t wait until it’s for compliment cirle!

Year 4 Hummingbirds.