Recycling Paper

Have you ever wondered what schools would be like without paper? Teachers and students use paper in their day-to-day activities.  Paper is used in books, workbooks, worksheets and photocopy packs.  As a result, a lot of waste paper ends up in the recycling bin.

We were discussing this issue in class and we concluded that reducing paper is better than recycling paper.  Then the teacher showed us a short video clip about a group of students at MCAST who took on board a great initiative.  They decided to make paper from recycled paper and then sell their final products to other students.

While watching this video clip Mr Cassar, our headmaster, entered our classroom.  We were quite astonished when Mr Cassar told us that we could do this process at school.  We were very keen to try out this process and make our own paper.   So we started tearing used paper into small pieces of paper and placed them in a large bucket.  When we had enough paper, we added water and mashed up the paper by hand.

When the pulp was ready, Mr Cassar told us that he was going to show us how to make paper from used paper.  We were very excited to make our own paper.

The process was quite easy but messy.  Some of the pulp was placed in a rectangular basin and water was added.  In order to get a fine consistency, we used a hand blender to mash the pulp.  Then we placed a wooden frame into the pulp, levelled it while it was submerged and lightly moved it side-to-side until the pulp on the screen lay fairly uniformly flat.  Then we lifted the screen and left it to drip over the basin.

We transferred the pulp onto a cloth and placed another cloth on top of it to remove the extra water from the pulp.  We decorated our paper with dried leaves and left them to dry over the weekend.  This was a very nice experience especially since we spent some time with our headmaster.

Year 6 Jaguars